Historical coffee shop in Japan you can’t miss if you’re a coffee lover

By YamamotoChika

Historical coffee shop in Japan you can’t miss if you’re a coffee lover

It's almost like a coffee museum! Did you know that there already was a coffee shop in Japan before WWII? There, in Osaka, you can enjoy a cup of coffee with a unique set breakfast.


When you visit Osaka, there’s a coffee shop we recommend visiting. It’s almost like recommending the original Starbucks when you visit Seattle. It’s a historic place to go if you’re into coffee. Some say this is one of the very first coffee shops in Japan; it’s in Osaka, called Marufuku Coffee. The founder spent his lifetime mastering deep-roasted, fragrant coffee. The shop has over 100 years of history; it even dates before WWII. There are now about 30 shops around Japan, but the original shop and company headquarters are in Osaka.

It almost feels like going back in time and you’re visiting a coffee museum.


The pancakes are great with a cup of coffee.

Sets focus on flavors that pair well with coffee, such as Japanese seasoned egg sandwiches and curry-filled buns, which might amaze you with different types of breakfast than what you’re used to.

Marufuku Coffee shops are more common in the Kansai area, where Osaka is located, or around Nagoya, than in the Tokyo metropolitan area, but the morning set at any of them of the most popular ways people enjoy breakfast when available. Don’t skip breakfast! Do try a morning set at a Marufuku Coffee shop wherever you find one.

Marufuku Honten (Main Store)'s Info : TripAdvisor /  Map