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Depending on the time of the month, it will take from 14 days to 30 days.

No, unfortunately we try to pack as much as possible for the price, and shipping cost changes are unpredictable. In order to provide consistent quality of items, we have a separate fee for shipping.

We currently do not ship it to Japanese address.

Please contact our customer support with images. If the content of the box is not damaged, but the outer box is damaged, it will not qualify for compensation nor replacement. Depending on the item, such as chips an cookies, or when the chocolate is melted under extreme condition, we may not be able to send you a replacement. We tested box quality and try to deliver all item in best shape possible, all feedback are appreciated to improve quality delivery.

When we can confirm your order and can verify your return item being delivered to our designated destination, we will send you a replacement. Shipping cost for replacement will be required.

Visa, Master, PayPal, and Amex are accepted payment method.