Our Story

Do you think it’s possible to bring joy to your doorstep every month, in a single box? We do, and the box is called Mogu Mogu, a box full of popular and seasonal Japanese snacks, carefully packed and shipped from Japan.


Hi, I’m an owner of the brand, Japan Yummies. As a Japanese businessman, I worked for European, American, and Japanese companies for over 20 years, communicating with people across the world. I truly enjoy interacting while learning, , educating and enriching each other's culture, and as a non-English native speaker, I’ve always looked for a better way to break the ice.

After some trial and error, I rediscovered the traditional Japanese method, temiyage, a souvenir, to be a very effective way to initiate a great relationship.

In Japan, there’s a custom to give people a small gift, of what you appreciate or something that reflects where you came from to help build a new relationship in a new environment. This little gesture of kindness is a method widely used in a culture of relationship building.

Let me ask you a question. What comes to mind when you think about Japan? Sushi, tempura, anime, Mt. Fuji, Shibuya scramble crossing, bullet train, convenience store, vending machine, kawaii, samurai?

Yes, but that’s only part of it. There’s so many interesting and exciting goodies that you may not even have even heard about. We want to deliver those delicious tastes of Japan to your doorstep.

Starting with a snack subscription box, our vision is to expand our offering to food items, stationeries, and small useful goods for you to experience a part of Japan at home. We started this service, because we want to build the service with you. We need your support and feedback to create a great Japanese experience that can be delivered to you, your family and friends.

Mogu mogu box, our snack subscription box is here to bring you joy for your daily life. Let’s make the magic happen.